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Stage Two Public Survey

After completing Stage One in April 2018, the Social Services Working Group (SSWG) began work on Stage Two in May. During this stage, the SSWG is required to address two topics:  
  • Intercounty collaboration: The SSWG must develop recommendations regarding legislative and regulatory changes necessary to improve collaboration between counties in the administration of social services programs.
  • Regional administration: The SSWG must develop a vision for transitioning the State from a county-administered social services system to a regionally-administered system. The vision must identify general benefits and challenges associated with making such a transition. The group is not required to make legislative recommendations.

Over the course of the summer, School of Government (SOG) staff supporting the SSWG will be gathering feedback from various stakeholders about these two issues through meetings, online discussion groups, and interviews.  This survey is another tool we are using to gather feedback from stakeholders and members of the public. If you have thoughts, concerns, or suggestions about these two topics (intercounty collaboration and regional administration), please take a few moments to complete this survey.  The SOG staff will synthesize the feedback and report it back to the full SSWG in August.

Survey Link


If you have questions or would like to provide feedback to the SSWG on topics other than the two identified above, please send an email to sswg@sog.unc.edu

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