Clerks of Superior Court

2021 Clerks of Superior Court Winter Conference


Wednesday, March 10 (Day 1) 

Conference Agenda

Top 5 PHD Issues & Reasonable Attonery Fees

PHD Top 5 Reasonable Attorney Fees Presentation

COVID Panels - NCAOC/HR (Pt. 1) / CSC(Pt. 2)

COVID Panels Handout



Blog Post 1

Blog Post 2

Coping with COVID Conversations

Work Life Self-Assessment

Thursday, March 11 (Day 2)

Ethical Responsibilities Outside the Courthouse

Ethics for Clerks Presentation 

Hot Topics: Expungements/Forfeiture Dispositions/Vehicle Seizures

Second Chance Act Presentation

Second Chance Act Summary Chart

Vehicle Seizure Law Issues Presentation

Creating Emotionally Healthy Workplaces During COVID-19

Creating Emotionally Healthy Workplaces During COVID-19 Presentation

Friday, March 12 (Day 3)

Clerk Panel - All Things Clerk World

All Things Clerk World Handout


eCourts Initiatives Presentation

ICMS Rollout Plan Presentation

Business Session

Business Session Agenda

Roll Call

Draft Minutes

Enabling Legislation Handout

Revised Bylaws

Past Presidents

Additional Handouts

Important Information Handout

Committee Service List

2021 Calendar