The School of Government offers a range of courses and training focused on planning and development regulations, from multi-week professional development courses to on-demand workshops. While the structure and format of the courses have evolved in recent years, the core content and emphasis on practical knowledge continues.  

PDR: Planning and Development Regulation Course and CZO Exam

The PDR Course equips local government officials to serve as planning and zoning administrators in North Carolina and prepares them for the Certified Zoning Official Examination. The course covers the legal authority and limits for development regulation in North Carolina, the procedures and practical considerations of development decision-making, and the details of development inspections and enforcement.

PDR combines the content previously offered in Foundations, Zoning Practice, Subdivision Practice, and the CZO course.  

Offered in the fall each year, the course is divided into three 1-week session (one in September, on in October, one in November). PDR was offered remotely in 2020 and 2021. Future offerings likely will include a mix of remote and in-person sessions.  

For more details, check out the PDR Course Page.  

Board Workshops

The School of Government typically offers workshops each spring for board members handling quasi-judicial and legislative zoning decisions.  

On-Demand Training

The School of Government is in the process of updating our on-demand training. Please check back for more information on short videos focused on procedures of rezoning decisions, quasi-judicial zoning decisions, and more.

Other Courses of Interest

The School of Government offers a wide range of training and continuing education for local government leaders. Check out some of these options:

Community Development Academy

Environmental Finance Center Workshops

Municipal and County Administration

Public Executive Leadership Academy

Local Elected Leaders Academy

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