Parking Alert: South Road Construction

Partial road barriers have been placed at the intersection of South Road and Country Club Road due to a summer construction project. The School’s parking deck is open and accessible from South Road for the duration of the project by driving between the two barriers and entering the parking gate immediately on the left.


Relief from a Criminal Conviction

Termination of Satellite-Based Monitoring Obligations

A person who is subject to lifetime sex offender registration under Part 3 of Article 27A of G.S. Chapter 14—that is, a person who has been convicted of an aggravated offense, classified as a recidivist, or found to be a sexually violent predator—is automatically subject to lifetime satellite-based monitoring. A person convicted of a violation of G.S. 14-27.23 (rape of a child by an adult) or G.S. 14-27.28 (sexual offense against a child by an adult) is also subject to lifetime satellite-based monitoring. (For offenses committed before December 1, 2015, these statutes were codified as G.S. 14-27.2A and G.S. 14-27.4A. S.L. 2015-181 (H 383).) A person may petition the Post-Release Supervision and Parole Commission for termination of lifetime satellite-based monitoring if he or she meets the requirements of G.S. 14-208.43, set forth in Table 25. There is not an official form petition.

For people convicted of an offense subject to the 30-year registration program, the sentencing judge may require satellite-based monitoring in some circumstances. See G.S. 14-208.40(a)(2). The period of satellite-based monitoring may be for the length of registration or for a shorter period, such as the period of any probationary sentence. No statute specifically addresses the issue, but a person may be able to make a motion to the court to modify such a requirement. See generally G.S. 15A-1344(a) (authorizing court to modify terms of probation).

Table 25. Termination of Lifetime Satellite-Based Monitoring Obligations

Matters Subject to Termination of Satellite-Based Monitoring Obligations

Principal Restrictions on Termination of Registration

Applicable Statutes and Forms

  • Conviction of an offense subject to Part 3 of Art. 27A of G.S. Ch. 14 or under G.S. 14-27.23 or G.S. 14-27.28 (lifetime satellite-based monitoring program)
  • Petition may not be filed until one year after completion of sentence, including any period of probation, parole, or post-release supervision
  • No additional reportable convictions during period of satellite-based monitoring
  • Substantial compliance with Art. 27A of G.S. Ch. 14
  • Commission finds that person is not likely to pose threat to safety of others