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SCHOOL OF GOVERNMENT SERVICES - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is School of Government Services?

School of Government Services is a nonprofit corporation and an official associated entity of the School of Government at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. UNC-Chapel Hill allows schools and units to create such "associated entities" in order to provide services or conduct activities in the furtherance of the University’s mission.

For example, the activities of School of Government Services, Inc. include assisting the School with or carrying out research, consulting, advising, trainings and educational workshops and seminars, and other services and projects.

What are some activities for which School of Government Services has been used?

The main purpose of School of Government Services is to carry out or assist with specific functions of the School in support of our mission. These functions include research, consulting, advising, as well as trainings and educational workshops. Positions hired through School of Government Services support these functions and support the mission of the School. 

For example, School of Government Services is used for:

  • Hiring permanent employees who work in our research centers, support operations, and client-based services
  • Hiring employees with a unique skillset on a temporary or full-time basis
  • Contracting with organizations or associations who directly support our client offerings and contracting for services to meet temporary needs at the School.


What does it mean to be an employee of School of Government Services?

School of Government Services employees are fully integrated into the UNC School of Government. They are UNC affiliates—with ONYENs, OneCards, School of Government email addresses, and more—and have full access to the UNC-Chapel Hill campus, the University Library System, and the School of Government’s Knapp-Sanders Building. Though they are not North Carolina state employees, they function as full-time or part-time employees of the UNC School of Government and work alongside state employees.

The benefits of School of Government Services employees are comparable to those of UNC-Chapel Hill employees.