How Do I Request Permission for Third Party Lodging?

When traveling, faculty or staff may find less expensive accommodations in lodging other than a hotel or motel (such as AirBnb), also known as Third Party Lodging. UNC requires preapproval for all UNC employees if such accommodations are preferred.

Step by Step Process:

  1. Complete the Third Party Lodging Approval Form (only submit this form if staying in an apartment, home, or other accommodations, such as an AirBnB property.) Per UNC Policy, lodging in these types of establishments must be approved prior to travel and must show cost savings compared to hotel lodging. Submit the completed form via the ticketing system before your travel and before submission of your reimbursement request.
  2. Once the University reviews the Third Party Lodging request, and if the lodging is approved, we will notify you via the ticketing system. If the third party lodging request is denied, please make other arrangements for lodging for the trip.
  3. If approved, please attach the form to your travel request on Concur. After the travel, please attach this form to your travel expense report on Concur as well and make a note in the report as a reminder to the approver. Please see the section for Travel Reimbursements for detailed instructions.

More Information: