According to the UNC Policy on Business Entertainment Expenses, all purchases of alcohol must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Purchases must be funded by an allowable funding source as detailed in Finance Policy 1263 - Policy on University-Related Business Entertainment Expenses.
  • Purchases of alcohol must also adhere to the policies and standards detailed in the University Alcohol Policy.
  • Alcohol may only be purchased from and distributed by a third-party vendor such as a professional caterer, bartender, or food & beverage establishment, with proper licensing and liability insurance.  This requirement includes Business Entertainment events held both on-campus and off-campus.
  • Alcohol may not be purchased for Business Entertainment events from a package store, convenience store, grocery store, or other vendors except for those detailed above.
  • On occasion, Alcohol may be purchased as a gift to individuals not affiliated with the university.  These gifts should be modest in nature and appropriate to the recipient and their relationship with the university.  Alcohol may never be given as a gift to employees or students.

Prior Approval is Required

If you plan to serve alcohol at University-Sponsored events, including SOG programs or celebrations, we must seek prior approval from the Provost office. The procedure and required form is described in detail here:  Procedure for Requesting Permission to Serve Alcoholic Beverages at University-Sponsored Events. Please note that the term “University Sponsored Event” is broad and includes any event or activity on- or off-campus which is initiated, aided, funded, authorized, or supervised by the University or any authorized University official(s).

As of January 2024, the Provost Office requires that all permission to serve alcohol forms be submitted for review through Docusign Powerforms. Please follow the process below to submit a form:

  1. Access the Alcohol Request form via Docusign Powerforms
  2. You will be prompted to enter names and email addresses of SOG Signatories. Please enter the following:
    1. Department or Unit Chair: Alycia Inserra (
    2. Dean: Lauren Partin (  
  3. Click Begin Signing
  4. Complete the requested information (see attached) but DO NOT SIGN
    1. Department/Unit Name: Requesting Department or Division
    2. Department/Unit Chair: Division Head, EI Director, or Faculty Lead
    3. Contact Person for Event: Generally, this is the person initiating the form (Program Manager or other individual best equipped to answer questions about the event)
  1. Click “Finish Later” at the top of the document. You cannot edit the form after this, so be sure that all answers are complete and accurate.
  2. Click Save & Close. This will prompt Docusign to send an email to all signatories to allow them to sign the form, and it will then automatically be submitted to the Provost Office. It may take up to 5 business days for the Provost Office to review and sign the form once submitted.
  3. Once all signatures have been collected and the event is approved, Alycia will share the completed document with you and with the Business Office.