Need to order Supplies? Start by filling out the simple request form below:

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Once received, a member of the SOG Business Office Team will reach out with further instructions. The information submitted in this form will help us purchase the specific item you need. The information below is for informational purposes only; the Business Office will help you select the appropriate purchasing method.


Overview: The Business Office coordinates purchasing of all office supplies related to the School’s activities. The University’s preferred office supply vendor is Staples, but supplies can also be ordered from a retailer such as Amazon. Personal reimbursements for supplies are NOT permitted.

Step by Step Process:

Option A: Purchase through BuyCarolina

BuyCarolina allows departments to order supplies online from contract vendors for goods under $5,000. These contract vendors provide deep discounts, and payment is through an electronic system managed by the Business Office. BuyCarolina vendors include: Amazon, Staples, among many others (see UNC Procurement website for complete list).

  1. To purchase through BuyCarolina, select the item(s) you would like to order from an approved vendor. Once you have selected your item(s), note the item number(s), link(s), and name(s) of the item(s).
  2. Certain technology purchases should be approved by SOG IT. Please contact SOG IT for approval before ordering the item.
  3. If the purchase will be greater than $5,000, the Business Office will need to make a Purchase Order. Please give at least 30 days’ advance notice for these types of orders.
  4. Submit a ticket through the Business Office Ticketing System and include the information for the item(s) you would like to purchase.

After the Business Office has received the request, we will:

  1. Place an order for the requested supplies. If the requested item is not available, we will help you find an alternative.
  2. Notify you when the supplies have arrived, and deliver the requested supplies to your office or mailbox.


Option B: Purchase with SOG Services, Inc. Credit Card

For supply purchases related to courses and general School of Government operations, purchases can be made via School of Government Services, Inc., an affiliate of UNC designated to support the School of Government. To make a purchase with an SOG Services, Inc credit card:

  1. Contact your Division manager, a Programs Director, or the Business office to use a SOG Services, Inc. credit card. Please note that SOG Services in NOT sales and used tax exempt. 
  2. Collect an itemized receipt from the vendor, and submit the receipt to the card holder for reconciliation purposes.

Note that in some cases, where there is specific funding for a purchase (such as with grant or gift support), you should use a University p-card instead of the SOG Services, Inc. credit card. See Option C below.


Option C: Purchase with P-card

Where there is special funding designated for a particular purchase, such as a grant, gift or state funding, a purchasing card can be used to order most supplies under $5,000.

  1. Please review the P-card policy before purchasing an item with a P-card. 
  2. If the purchase is for an allowable expense, contact your Division manager, a Programs Director, or the Business Office to use a P-card to pay for the order. Please be sure to ask the vendor to remove sales tax and provide the UNC tax exemption letter, if requested.
  3. You will need to collect an itemized receipt from the vendor for p-card reconciliation. Submit the receipt to the P-card holder.

Partial list of allowable and unallowable expenses (check UNC policy for complete list):


    • Advertising (no contract/agreement involved)
    • Caterers or restaurants that are providing food/beverage for University meetings & events (if no contract required)
    • Conference Registrations
    • In-Restaurant Dining (Alcohol not permitted)
    • Professional Business Related Membership Dues
    • Newspaper/Magazine/Online Subscriptions
    • Postage/Shipping/Courier
    • Rentals (If a Rental Involves a Contract with Terms and Conditions requires review by Procurement Services)
    • Services from a vendor (a corporation or partnership)
    • Supplies (office/shop/IT/lab)


    • Any purchase that requires agreements or contracts. (Note: All agreements and contracts must be submitted for review and approval to Purchasing Services on a requisition.)
    • Alcohol/Tobacco
    • Anything costing more than $5,000
    • Gift Certificates/Gift Cards
    • Personal Items
    • Services from a Sole Proprietor (a Doing-Business-As Vendor - these are independent contractors)
    • "Splitting" of transactions to avoid purchasing thresholds
    • Travel

More Information: