How to Request Reimbursement for Work-related Expenses


Overview: When making purchases for University-related business, be sure to save all receipts of expenses incurred to submit to the Business Office for reimbursement.

Please note that in most cases, it is preferred that you use a University P-card to make purchases, if available, rather than making a purchase with personal funds and requesting reimbursement (check guidelines for making purchases with a P-card). Alternatively, most supplies can be ordered directly through the Business Office rather than seeking a reimbursement. If you are requesting travel reimbursement, please follow this process.

If the above options do not apply to your purchase, please follow the process described below.

Step by Step Process:

After purchase is completed, within 10 days:

1. Submit receipts into the Business Office Ticketing system. Receipts must be itemized and show a zero balance.

2. In the description area of your ticket, please provide any additional relevant details or special requests. This includes explaining how the purchase relates to University business and how the purchase will be used. Please also include the appropriate Course Code, Program Code, or Project ID related to the purchase. For example, you may write “notebooks purchased will be used by clients to hold course related materials” or “nametags will be used by clients during the course for identification purposes”. Extra documentation, such as a course or meeting agenda and/or participant list, is helpful to inform the University’s review of the purchase.

Once the Business Office has received the request and paperwork, within 2 business days we will:

1. Review the paperwork and let you know if any additional information is needed.

Within 5 business days we will:

1. Enter reimbursement into the University’s system for payment.

2. Once approved by the University, the reimbursement will be direct deposited into your bank account and you will be notified by UNC Disbursement services.

More Information: