Office of Business and Finance


Overview: When an employee travels for University related business, all receipts of expenses incurred during travel should be submitted to the Business Office for reimbursement. Mileage and meals are reimbursed at rates established by the University. For more information, see the UNC Travel Quick Reference Guide.

Travel Reimbursement Process:

After travel is completed, within 10 days:

1. Submit travel receipts into the Business Office Ticketing system (excluding receipts for meals, which are reimbursed at a per diem rate).

2. Collect and submit additional information, which includes:

  ⃣   Travel Reimbursement Form (see example)

  ⃣   Third Party Lodging Approval Form (Only submit this form if staying in an apartment, home, or other accomodations rather than a hotel or motel, such as an AirBnB property. Lodging in these types of establishments must be approved prior to travel and must show cost savings compared to hotel lodging).

3. In the description area of your ticket, please provide any additional relevant details or special requests. The ticket should also include the appropriate Course Code, Program Code, or Project ID related to the event.

Once the Business Office has received the request and paperwork, within 2 business days we will: 

1. Review the paperwork and let you know if any additional information is needed.

Within 5 business days we will:

  1. Enter travel reimbursement into the University’s Travel System and print a Traveler’s Acknowledgement form.
  2. We will send you the traveler’s acknowledgement form via the ticketing system. You should then return the signed form (either electronically or you can print, sign, scan) back to Business Office via ticketing system.
  3. The business office will submit the invoice for payment within 2 business days of receiving the form.


Airfare Requests:

While most travel expenses are reimbursed after travel is completed, it is possible to book air travel prior to your trip. Faculty, staff, and student travelers can purchase airline tickets for business trips and directly bill the University, avoiding the reimbursement process. The University has negotiated discounted rates through several major airlines that can be applied when booking through an approved travel agency. To learn more, visit the University's Airfare Request page or contact the Business Office for assistance.

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