There are many HR policies and procedures that apply only to supervisors. These address not only supervising employees, but also recruiting and hiring candidates for employment. Hiring supervisors should be knowledgeable about these policies and ensure the consistent application of these policies and procedures to all employees and candidates.

Approving Employees’ Work Hours

Supervisors are responsible for approving the timecards of their SHRA employees. Instructions can be found on the Time Information Management (TIM) page

Recruiting New Employees

Before the School can recruit for a new employee, there must be a current position in place, including a position description that meets UNC standards. Procedures for creating and updating position descriptions can be found on the Position Classification page.  Regardless of the type of employee (permanent/temporary, SHRA/EHRA, staff/faculty), there are established procedures in place to ensure a smooth recruitment. Please review the University policies and procedures here.

Performance Management

Every year, supervisors evaluate their employees on their performance. Standards, procedures, and documents for this process are established by the UNC Office of Human Resources. Tools, forms, procedures, and guidelines can be found here.

Management Training

The UNC Office of Human Resources offers many opportunities for supervisors to learn – and strengthen – management skills. These include the required training course, Carolina BEST (Blueprint for Engaged Supervision Training). All of UNC’s management training courses can be found on the Management Training page.