Office of Business and Finance


Overview: When purchases less than or equal to $5,000, Buy Carolina, Pcard and campus voucher are the acceptable methods to use. Please submit a ticket to the Business Office for any questions. When a service or good that needs to be purchased costs more than $5,000, a requisition and purchase order are required. Please submit a ticket to the Business Office and and we would let you know what documents you need to submit.

  • Purchases between $5000.01 and $25,000
    • No longer require a Waiver of Competition Form.
    • Still require a requisition and Purchase Order (PO) to ensure Capital Assets are captured properly.
    • Requisition may be submitted with a single quote.
    • It is strongly recommended that pricing is obtained from multiple sources to ensure price competitiveness.
  • Purchases between $25,000.01 and $100,000
    • Waiver of Competition is required if competition is not available.
    • Requires at least three (3) formal quotes obtained through an official University Request for Quote (RFQ) which will be prepared and sent out from Purchasing Services.
    • Requisitions should include a vendor quote to establish a reasonable pricing range and contact information for at least three vendors (if known) to assist the purchasing agent in obtaining quotes. (Vendor Name, Contact Name, Phone number, Email Address).
    • At least one vendor should be certified as a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB).  Purchasing will assist in identifying these businesses if one is not readily known. HUB businesses can also be searched by category at https://www.ips.state.nc.us/vendor/searchvendor.aspx?t=h
  • Formal Requests for Proposals or Invitation for Bids will be required for all purchases exceeding $100,000.
    • Requires a detailed Statement of Work/Scope of Work.
    • Department should establish evaluation criteria for evaluation of proposals.

At least 45 days before the event:

1. Once you have the contract from the vendor, review to make sure that all of the details are correct and complete. The contract must include an accurate quote from the vendor.

2. Collect additional information, which includes:

You provide:

 ⃣     Agenda or course announcement (if applicable)

 ⃣     Participant List (if applicable)

Vendor Provides:

 ⃣    Contract

 ⃣    IRS Form W-9

 ⃣    ACH Form

 ⃣    HUB Form

If the contract is for more than $5000.1 but less than $25,000, please refer the information above. 

 ⃣    Sole Source Justification Letter (signed by Faculty) 

 ⃣    Waiver of Competition form (signed by Faculty) 

3. Submit contract and all completed forms to the Business office via the Business Office Ticketing System. In the description area of your ticket, please provide any additional relevant details or special requests. The ticket should also include the appropriate Course Code and/or Program Code related to the event.

Note: Please do not submit the W-9 and ACH forms via the ticketing system or email. These forms contain sensitive private information and should be handled with care. After submitting your ticket, please direct clients and vendors to submit their paperwork via one of these secure methods

Once the Business Office has received the request and paperwork, within 2 business days we will:

  1. Review the paperwork for completion and accuracy, and let you know if any additional information is needed.
  2. Submit the paperwork to the University Purchasing office for approval. If we receive feedback from the University that more information is needed, we will let you know. Once it approves the submission, the University will sign the contract and send it back to the SOG. Note: Because all contracts are reviewed and signed centrally, the time it takes for the University to review and sign a contract can vary significantly. You should plan for a timeline of up to 3 weeks for University review.
  3. We will send you the signed contract via the ticketing system. You should then return the signed contract to the vendor.

After the event and services are complete, within 10 business days, you should:

  1. Submit an itemized invoice to the Business Office for Payment.
  2. Include in your submission the relevant Course and/or Program codes.
  3. The Business Office will submit the invoice for payment within 2 business days.

More Information: