North Carolina Legislation 1999: A summary of legislation in the 1999 General Assembly of interest to North Carolina public officials

Saturday, January 1, 2000

From the Editor's Note:
"The 1999 edition of North Carolina Legislation is the thirty-sixth periodic summary of
legislation published by the Institute of Government. From 1955 through 1973 these summaries
were published in a special issue of Popular Government. Since 1974 the summary has been
published annually as a separate publication.

North Carolina Legislation 1999 is a comprehensive summary of legislation enacted by the
North Carolina General Assembly. It is intended to cover all legislation of interest and importance
to state and local government officials. The book is organized by subject matter and divided into
twenty-seven chapters. In some instances the same legislation is discussed in more than one
chapter in order to provide differing emphases or points of view. Each chapter in this book was
written by an Institute of Government faculty member with expertise in that particular field. The
only exception is Chapter 25, State Taxation. It was written by members of the General
Assembly’s professional staff."

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Publication date: 
Saturday, January 1, 2000
David W. Owens
John L. Sanders
Joan G. Brannon
Cheryl D. Howell
John L. Saxon
Janet Mason
Anita R. Brown-Graham
James C. Drennan
John Rubin
Robert P. Joyce
Laurie L. Mesibov
Richard B. Whisnant
Milton Heath
William A. Campbell
Anne M. Dellinger
Gregory S. Allison
David M. Lawrence
Joseph S. Ferrell
Mark F. Botts
L. Lynnette Fuller
Frayda S. Bluestein
Stevens H. Clarke
Stephen Allred
Cindy Avrette
Martha H. Harris
Martha Walston
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