Smith's Criminal Case Compendium

Smith's Criminal Case Compendium


This compendium includes significant criminal cases by the U.S. Supreme Court & N.C. appellate courts, Nov. 2008 – Present. Selected 4th Circuit cases also are included.

Jessica Smith prepared case summaries Nov. 2008-June 4, 2019; later summaries are prepared by other School staff.


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E.g., 04/19/2024
E.g., 04/19/2024
(Dec. 31, 1969)

The superior court lacked jurisdiction to try the defendant for possession of lottery tickets in violation of G.S. 14-290. An officer issued the defendant a citation for violating G.S. 14-291 (acting as an agent for or on behalf of a lottery). The district court allowed the charging document to be amended to charge a violation of G.S. 14-290. The defendant was convicted in district court, appealed, and was again convicted in superior court. The court held that the district court improperly allowed the charging document to be amended to charge a different crime.

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