State v. Allen, 247 N.C.App. 179, 783 S.E.2d 799 (Apr. 19, 2016)

A citation charging transporting an open container of spirituous liquor was not defective. The defendant argued that the citation failed to state that he transported the fortified wine or spirituous liquor in the passenger area of his motor vehicle. The court declined the defendant’s invitation to hold citations to the same standard as indictments, noting that under G.S. 15A-302, a citation need only identify the crime charged, as it did here, putting the defendant on notice of the charge. The court concluded: “Defendant was tried on the citation at issue without objection in the district court, and by a jury in the superior court on a trial de novo. Thus, once jurisdiction was established and defendant was tried in the district court, he was no longer in a position to assert his statutory right to object to trial on citation.” (quotation omitted).