State v. Johnson, ___ N.C. App. ___, 801 S.E.2d 123 (May. 2, 2017)

(1) The trial court erred by ordering lifetime registration for the defendant. Although the defendant was convicted of reportable convictions and is therefore required to register as a sex offender, neither sexual offense with a child under G.S. 14-27.4A(a) nor sexual activity by a substitute parent under G.S. 14-27.7(a) constitute aggravated offenses requiring lifetime registration. (2) The trial court erred by ordering lifetime SBM without a determination that the program was a reasonable search as mandated under Grady v. North Carolina, __ U.S. __, 191 L. Ed. 2d 459 (2015). The parties agreed that no evidence was presented to demonstrate the reasonableness of lifetime SBM. The court thus reversed the SBM order and remanded for the reasonableness determination mandated by Grady.

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